Catalog Web Service
Our intermediate service is guided to those companies which don’t want to sell their products directly on the website but which do want to show pictures and information about their products. With this service, any company shows their catalog. It is also possible to give a retrained access to the catalog, so that their clients could enter it. Corporate image, product catalog with a categories index, location map, contact form and personalized mail… that’s our intermediate web catalog service.

  • Your own domain
  • Several mail addresses
  • Corporate image
  • Product catalog
  • Monthly changes
  • Pictures gallery
  • Contact form
  • Location map
  • And much more optional modules
  • Only for a minimal amount per month

You can configurate and extend all these services the moment you want, responding to your needs

In response to the needs of each client, different modules, such us private catalog, downloading PDF catalogs, forums, blogs, photoblogs, poll services, modules that enable clients to edit the website or the product catalog by theirselves can be added to this service, or we can change your service to one of our other superior services, the on-line store.

Design is what makes you different!
Two different design lines are created to be applied to webs from our basic service. The first one is based on templates which can be configurated by our team of developers. The second one are webs created by our team of graphic designers.

  • The first option is based on professional templates offering a high level of finishes, appropriate for any company. You can watch a sample:
Catalog Web
  • The second option is designed to those companies whose succeed really depends on their image. The designs created by our team of professionals will meet the expectations of the most demanding ones:
Catalog PLUS Web